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Hello Pavel.

I already used this workaround and it is fine for me. Just wanted to let you know that there is a problem. Maybe you could mention it in the documentation.

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Thank you for your answer.
I understand the problem, but it seems to me that it never had the problem in Matlab double-precision. Maybe the implemented some tolerance in the "==" operator. You can make the question public if you want. :)

Thank you Pavel. It will use bessel functions with arbitrary order and real or imaginary argument.

In general I only use quadruple precision. I will need the bessely function again, but it will have non-integer order. But it is a great improvement for me at this point already.

I used quadruple precision. It is probably even faster. Problem is, I don't have the previous version of the toolbox anymore to make more comparisons, but I think it is between 10-15 times faster. :)

Dear Pavel,

I got a speed improvement of factor 10-15. Thank you very much.

I have only pure real or pure imaginary arguments. Thank you for your efforts.
Never mind. It works perfectly and really fast. The problem is/was the evaluation of the besselk-function. I was surprised that I did not have any speed improvements since the version of 2014 but the reason for that is not the matrix multiplication (which is way faster now), it is the evaluation of the besselk function. Are there any plans to improve the performance of the evaluatoins?
Thank you.

Most computations take around 20 times longer in mp quad precision compared to Matlab double precision, which is already quite good. It can go up to 300 times if Matlab uses a well parallelized algorithm compared to mp like matrix multiplication of big matrices. quad precision ( I use mp.digits(34), mp.GuardDigits(0)) is defenetly the fastest compared to any other, even lower, precision. mp defently outperformes vpa in any case.
Thank you. It gives the correct results now. Performance is indeed 1000x slower with 34 Digits precision compared to normal double, but this is not a big deal for me at the moment.