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hello Mr. Holoborodko. for example this function I can create:

>>myfun = @(x)arrayfun( @(x) integral(@(t) t,eps, x, 'RelTol', eps), x);
>>myfun([1 2]) ans =
0.500000000000000 2.000000000000000

but with your toolbox:

>>mufun = @(x)arrayfun( @(x) quadgk(@(t) t,100*eps('mp'), x, 'RelTol', 100*eps('mp')), x);
>>mufun(mp([1 2])) ans =
[1x1 mp] [1x1 mp]

however when I try to give scalar without arrayfun, it works:

mufun = @(x) quadgk(@(t) t,100*eps('mp'), x, 'RelTol', 100*eps('mp'));
mufun(mp(2)) ans =

what does it mean when it displays [1x1 mp] ?