Hi! is there any mp.Legendre version equivalent to the built in function in matlab ?

SomeOne 3 years ago updated by Pavel Holoborodko 3 years ago 5


Associated Legendre functions? Yes, of course we have them, but without the 'mp' prefix:

>> X = rand(2,4,5,'mp'); 
>> n = 2;
>> P = legendre(n,X)  >> P(:,1,2,3)
ans = 

Also toolbox provides 'legendreP' - function to compute Legendre polynomials. See Function Reference for the complete list of the functions implemented in toolbox. 

I've made the question public, as it might be helpful for the others.

thank you Sir,

I have just used  the following line and Legendre  wasn't cited there. That it is why asked. Thank you very much!


Well, mp.Test() includes only the very basic tests - just to make sure toolbox is installed properly.

We run full set of quality tests (with corner cases, etc.) in-house before every release. Usually it takes 3-6 hours.....