previous version download?

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Looking for past versions of the multiprecision toolbox on the Advanpix website.

Where are they?


Hi Jon,

Please let me know what versions you are looking for (by email).

I will send you the download links.

We cannot keep previous versions on our server permanently due to size limitations (toolbox bundle is ~100MB for each platform).

100GB storage.

unlimited bandwidth.

$181 USD/year


Hi Pavel

Previous versions need to be online to test for version-dependent anomalies and to rebuild a computer.

With Verve you can keep a thousand previous versions.


Jon, thank you for the suggestion.

There are a lot of other general tasks we need to do regarding better web-infrastructure, license management, automatic updates, etc. etc. Hard to select which one is the most important. 

Now we provide previous versions by request. This gets the job done. Besides this gives us a chance to communicate with users, to hear feedback on toolbox, etc. Running cost is also important for non-profit like us.

Hi, I am looking for previous versions. Where should I email you ?


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