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nchoosek, binomial coefficient

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How do we increase dynamic range of Matlab's binomial coefficient function nchoosek()?

It will not accept multiprecision mp() input.

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Toolbox doesn't include this function at the moment. Now I am considering to add it.

How do you use it? Just to compute binomial coefficient or to generate all combinations?

There is a quick way to make the built-in 'nchoosek()' work with toolbox. Create flintmax.m file in [toolbox_folder]\@char directory with following content:

function r = flintmax( classname )

if strcmpi('mp',classname)
r = 2^ceil(mp.Digits() * mp('log2(10)'));
r = builtin('flintmax',classname);

Restart MATLAB and test 'nchoosek()', e.g.:

>> mp.Digits(100);
>> x = nchoosek(mp(1000),50)

x = 

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We have just updated toolbox distribution/installer with the 'flintmax.m' already included.

Please download and use the latest toolbox version.

Pavel, on your webpage


there is reference to Matlab's nchoosek().

I posted matlab code for linking to its complete (negative argument) binomial coefficient definition here:


Here is LaTeX output: