Citing the Multiple Precision Toolbox

Stefan Güttel 9 years ago updated by Pavel Holoborodko 9 years ago 3
Hi Pavel,

how are you doing? We are now in the last stage of preparing the next release of the Rational Krylov Toolbox. When updating the guide I was wondering what would be the best way to cite your toolbox? I looked at several papers in the literature which referred to the toolbox, and there doesn't seem to be any agreement. For example, I've seen

- Advanpix. Multiple Precision Toolbox. www.advanpix.com

- www.advanpic.com MP toolbox.

- MATLAB Multiple Precision Toolbox.

I think it would be very useful to many authors if you could add to your website how to cite the toolbox, perhaps even providing a bibitem? Perhaps you can even create an EPrint from the documentation? Or perhaps there already is one?

As promised, I will let you know about our release in due course.

Greetings from Manchester,


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Dear Stefan,

Thank you very much for keeping me updated and congratulations on progress with RKT!
I am doing fine, preparing update for sparse matrices engine....

I am fine with any format of citation as long as it is provided. Probably the least common denominator among different styles would be the following format (similar to citation of MATLAB itself):

Multiprecision Computing Toolbox for MATLAB X.X.X.XXXX, Advanpix LLC., Yokohama, Japan.
BibTeX #1:
 author = {Multiprecision Computing Toolbox for MATLAB X.X.X.XXXX},
 publisher = {Advanpix LLC.},
 address = {Yokohama, Japan}
BibTeX #2:
  author = {Advanpix LLC.},
  title = {Multiprecision Computing Toolbox for MATLAB},
  url = {http://www.advanpix.com/},
  version = {X.X.X.XXXX},
  date = {YYYY-MM-DD},
If it is ok, I will make this question public - as it is one of the FAQ.
Thanks Pavel! Sure no problem for this to be public.

Cheers, Stefan