Invalid MEX-file

Adam Rancon 10 years ago updated by Pavel Holoborodko 9 years ago 4

I'm trying to run my program using the toolbox on a cluster running on Linux (I use the corresponding version of the toolbox). Unfortunately I get the error "Invalid MEX-file mpimpl.mexa64: ELF file OS ABI invalid".
The version of Matlab on the cluster is R2011b. Could this be the problem ?

(As a side question, would the toobox work on Octave ?)



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Hi Adam,

The most probable cause is the special (more than 5 years old) version of Linux installed on the cluster.

This is not a big trouble, but software should be compiled in a special way for it (using older LIBC, ABI, etc.).

I build such cluster-friendly toolbox version occasionally upon request. I guess time has come for this again :).

Could you let me know Linux flavor and version (also version of LIBC would be perfect).

Thank you in advance,
And no - toolbox will not work with Octave. Octave has no OOP features, needed for proper integration.

Ok, thanks. I know it's running on CentOS 5, but I've asked for more details. I'll let you know as soon as possible.