ORDEIG fails

Stefan Güttel 3 years ago updated by Pavel Holoborodko 3 years ago 1

Hi Pavel,

I hope you are doing fine?! I'm running Advanpix Version 3.9.4 Build 10481 on Windows and ORDEIG crashes MATLAB 2015B with a "FatalException" on the following problem:

KK = [ mp('1.2856486930664507983834710103110410e+00'), mp('0.0000000000000000000000000000000000e+00') ;

mp('0.0000000000000000000000000000000000e+00'), mp('1.2856486930664507983834710103110410e+00') ];
HH = [ mp('1.4142135623730976590195496100932360e+02 - 1.4142135623730959537169837858527899e+02i'), mp('1.2325951644078309459558258832543535e-32 + 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000e+00i') ;
mp('0.0000000000000000000000000000000000e+00 + 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000e+00i'), mp('1.4142135623730976590195496100932360e+02 + 1.4142135623730959537169837858527899e+02i') ];

ee = ordeig(HH,KK);

When calling ordeig(double(HH),double(KK)), everything works fine. Please see below for my mp.Info output and the crash report.

Cheers, Stefan

>> mp.Info

Multiprecision Computing Toolbox, (c) 2008-2016 Advanpix LLC.
Version : 3.9.4 Build 10481
Platform: 64-bit (Win64)
Release : 2016-03-03

Licensed to: Stefan Güttel
Maintenance: 2016-08-31

Open Source Libraries Acknowledgements:
MPIR 2.7.0 C Library for Multiple Precision Integers and Rationals.
MPFR 3.2.0-dev C Library for Multiple-Precision Floating-point computations with correct Rounding.
MPC 1.1dev C Library for the Arithmetic of Complex numbers with arbitrary high precision.
MPFR C++ 3.6.3 C++ multi-precision floating point number class.
Eigen 3.2.90 C++ template library for linear algebra.
Nika 1.1.0 C++ template library for numerical mathematics.
APLA 1.5.0 C++ arbitrary-precision linear algebra library.
Boost 1.49.0 Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries.
LAPACK 3.5.0 State of the art software library for numerical linear algebra.
KISS FFT 1.2.9 Simple and efficient mixed-radix Fast Fourier Transform library.

This error was detected while a MEX-file was running. If the MEX-file

is not an official MathWorks function, please examine its source code
for errors. Please consult the External Interfaces Guide for information
on debugging MEX-files.

If this problem is reproducible, please submit a Service Request via:

A technical support engineer might contact you with further information.

Thank you for your help.** This crash report has been saved to disk as C:\Users\Stefan\AppData\Local\Temp\matlab_crash_dump.10700-15 **



Hi Stefan,

Thank you for using the toolbox!

This bug was fixed long time ago - please use newer version of toolbox.

One year has passed - 3.9.4 is an ancient fossil by now!!!

There is another reason to switch to newest version of toolbox - now it has full-featured EIGS with the support of all modes ('SM', etc.) and variants (including when matrix is supplied as operator). Generalized problems are supported as well.

The only (temporary) downside - now EIGS is written in M-language and quite slow. We are working on this and it will be much faster soon.

I highly recommend you to test new version.