Multiprecision Computing Toolbox allows arbitrary precision numerical programming in MATLAB.

It will continue to be actively developed to provide you with the functionality you need to get your work done.

In order to achieve this, we would appreciate any questions, ideas, bug reports or any other feedback you might have.

When asking a question be sure to provide Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example, so that situation can be reproduced. That code example should be:

  • Minimal – Use as little code as possible that still produces the same problem.
  • Complete – Provide all parts needed to reproduce the problem, including input matrices and values of global variables if they are used in the code.
  • Verifiable – Code reproduces the problem.

Version of toolbox, MATLAB and operating system should also be included in the question.

Please have a look at our website with user manual, function reference and version history.


Sparse Matrices Rudimentary Support

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