new releases policy

Michal Kvasnicka 7 years ago updated by Pavel Holoborodko 6 years ago 2

There are obviously new releases for Windows during last few days, but not the same releases (relevant to same bug)  for Linux or OSX.

What is exactly the new releases policy? When will be available latest releases for Linux?

Under review

Dear Michal,

Thank you for keeping your eye on toolbox development (and sorry for delay in reply).

Our main development platform is Windows meaning that hotfixes and new features usually appear on Windows first.

Usually updated GNU Linux & MacOSX versions follow the Windows release timely (within several days to 1-2 weeks at max).

Situation is different with the current release -, since we also want to try new workaround for famous MATLAB issue on GNU Linux, see [1]. This needs full re-built of GCC (we maintain our version to make it usable) and all related code. This causing delay in releasing new toolbox for Linux.


[1] https://www.advanpix.com/2016/02/22/matlab-error-cannot-load-any-more-object-with-static-tls/