Optimized array manipulation operations

Ilya Tyuryukanov 10 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Pavel Holoborodko 9 lat temu 2
I think it would be nice to speed up the logical indexing and other such array manipulation commands, because they are critical for many matrix- and vector-based algorithms. As for now, e.g. X(1:5) or X.' would take about 20 times more time if X is mp compared to double X (correct me if I'm wrong, or there's a way for speed increase). I know from the blog post that it was even slower earlier, but still such operations are very often and hence worth of optimization (IMHO).
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Now toolbox has new engine for basic array manipulation operations, see http://goo.gl/mBJrk7
Basically it is up to 4 times faster (2 in average). Hopefully this be useful.